You And Me, Cassidy…

Even cat-loving fly anglers love their fishing dogs. My favorite fishing buddy was Cassidy, a lab-mix blonde heartbreaker I picked up as a six-week-old puppy from an Indiana farm in 1990. We spent the next 12 years rambling from fishing holes and mountain tops, sea shores and forests. She is the only dog I know who got her paws wet on both the Pacific and Atlantic ocean beaches. The photo of her in the snow was taken on the southeast slopes of Mount Rainier in 1990. The bottom photo is Cassidy on the Big Thompson River in Colorado, 1994.

Like all labs, Cassidy loved to swim, especially when I waded into the river to catch fish. She either sat on the shore, whining and howling like she’d been abandoned at some dingy animal shelter, or she would swim to me, circling repeatedly until I waded back to shore and convinced her to wait while I fished. Her insistence and dedication were endearing, but did nothing to help me catch fish.

Cassidy JPG 1Cassidy JPG 2

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