What is Low-Petroleum Fly Fishing?

After more than 30 years fly fishing, I’ve learned that the White River does not need any more gasoline motors. Besides being loud and disruptive, motors use both gasoline and motor oil. Every gas-powered motor trickles a steady stream of oil into the river as the engine runs. Water is pumped through the engine for cooling, and the water expelled leaves an oily sheen on the surface behind every boat.

That’s why Arkansas Traveler Fly Fishing offers low-petroleum fly fishing. Only the minimum amount of gasoline will be used, specifically shuttling anglers between accesses, usually less than a gallon of gasoline for each trip.

Oars and human muscle are the only power used to ply the White River’s waters. The only noise heard is the sound of water dripping off the oars as they are lifted from the water. No motor oil pollutes the water. No gasoline fumes or exhaust foul the air.

There are options for anglers when selecting a fishing guide service. To protect the river, the fish and the air, always select guides who respect the Earth and use as little petroleum possible. Fly anglers can’t easily change the world, but we can alter our personal behavior and make smart choices that benefit the planet. Low-petroleum fly fishing is one of the best choices any angler can make.

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