Gone Fishin’…

Syvalene Gaylor-Unwer and Jason pose with the fat catfish she caught out of Jason’s pond in May 2022. Syvalene was a lifelong angler, and loved being on the water watching birds even if the fish weren’t biting. She died October 21, 2022, after a long life inspiring me and many others to enjoy the natural world. And going fishing. Granny Syvalene taught me to tie my first hook onto a line as a child, but most importantly taught me how to “fish from the bank” in life. In other words, make do with what you have and enjoy living.
Granny Syvalene and her daughter, Betty Reynolds, fishing for trout on the White River at the Buffalo City public access in September 2022, just a month before Granny died. Granny sat in a chair by the water’s edge, while I baited the hook with worms and cast the line for her. She set the hook on three nice rainbows, lost three more and got broken off by a big one. Not bad for a 91-year-old woman’s last fishing trip! And next time anyone asks about Granny Syvalene, you can just tell them, “She’s gone fishin’.”

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