Wild Steelhead Forever

Recent news that 2021 chinook salmon runs on the Nooksack River in Washington State have all died due to an algae in historically low and hot river water, does not bode well for any of the Pacific Northwest salmon species, including wild steelhead.

Trophy Trout, Midnight Trains and Barking Beagles: Remembering Brainard’s Bend Resort on the White River

Many years before the improved boat ramp and parking lot were built at Rim Shoals Public Access on the White River, a fun and now-forgotten resort for anglers was located there along the shore in the early 1990s, called Brainard’s Bend. If you didn’t mind camping near the railroad tracks – and bolting awake when the midnight train blew its whistle as it rolled through the valley mere feet from your tent – the small resort was the perfect place for budget anglers.

Fly Fishing For Fossils

There are no giant barracuda in Hawaii. At least that’s what the passing ocean kayaker yelled as I battled a three-foot, toothy monster behind the coral reef off Maui’s south coast. Obviously, no one bothered to tell the barracuda that took my baitfish fly like it was his last supper. Lucky for that fish, I caught and released it, but only after removing a two-pronged live-bait hook squarely set into the fish’s jaw – the last angler had dinner plans.