Fly fishing is fun for beginners and experts alike, but it’s a skilled sport that takes some effort to master. That’s why lessons are an important tool to shorten that learning curve and get you on the river catching fish – and learning to have fun casting between bites.

Jason taught fly fishing classes at Seattle’s second-oldest fly shop, and studied under Dr. Way Yin, one of the best Spey casting instructors in the Pacific Northwest. Combined with decades of experience fly fishing the White River and waters across America, Jason offers lessons that will help you become a better fly angler.

Casting Lessons

Traditional overhand fly casting is the fundamental skill required to present a fly to a fish. Learn single-hand fly casting from scratch, or hone existing skills to take your fly fishing abilities to another level with private lessons.

Spey casting is not merely the latest fly fishing fad. In fact, this ancient Scottish fly casting technique is potentially the future of fly fishing. That’s because Spey casting gives anglers an edge over traditional back casting. You can cast further with less effort, even in strong winds, and rarely worry about snagging your back cast.

Jason teaches single-hand and two-handed Spey casting, using Pacific Northwest Skagit-style. All Spey casting rods, reels and lines are provided for lessons, or learn Spey casting using your existing fishing gear.

Rates for private casting lessons are $50 per hour.

River Shuttle

Launch your boat and drift to your vehicle and trailer conveniently waiting at the public access downstream. Shuttles are available on the White River from Wildcat Shoals public access south to Red’s Landing.

Buffalo River to Buffalo City and Shipp’s Ferry shuttles also are offered for paddlers floating the Buffalo River from Rush Landing to the White River

Rates for all river shuttles start at $40 per vehicle.

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